How To Use
Follow illustrated steps above
A.) Clean and apply Once daily.
B.) Let dry for approximately 10 minutes.
C.) Repeat the first two steps until nail fungus is resolved.
If You Order Fixinail Complete
FixiNail Clear
Follow illustrated steps above.
A.) Clean and apply once daily.
B.) Every day gently use scraper to remove infected nail areas.
C.) Repeat first two steps. We recommend using FixiNail for approximately 14 days.
Additional Tips
Apply Often
Use FixiNail Clear and then FixiNail as directed. (Once in the morning and evening). Included instructions make the treatment process easy and stress free.
When To Use Additional Tools
Use the nail file one to two times a week during FixiNail Clear applications. Use the scraper gently between applications as needed.
When the nail loses brittleness, discoloration lessens, and nail appearance improves. It may be time to switch from FixiNail Clear to Fixinail.